Monday, July 13, 2009

Shower & Marigold's Arrival

I have NOT updated
I am extremely sorry to all who have be following!
So.. here is the run down!
Our flower is here... she has been here for 3 months now.
However I must back up and fill you in on everything before now.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came.

It was wonderful to see you all and I am very sorry I did not get to spend as much time as I had hoped with each of you. My plan was to NOT get stuck (not a negative thing) opening gift but to spend time with everyone. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

Here are some highlights of the wonderful day! And NON of it was possible with out the following AMAZING ladies... Britty Hoff, Janine Worley, Mrs "Martha Stewart of Lansdale" Faline Gray and of course my amazing MOTHER! Also, I have to thank my bestest Julie Parzyck for making sure I had the "big" things that I needed. I am in debted to all these beautiful ladies!

The Amazing Food Spread

The Generous Gifts!

Me w/Heather (my brother gf), Me w/Faline & Ginna, and me w/Brit, Janine & Kath

All the prego ladies, Me w/Kristine (a girl Audrey) and w/Amanda (a boy Tristan)!

Here is my naked belly the night before I still can not belive she fit in there!
Bright and early April 7th we headed to the hospital. The IV was horrible and she made a mess. This was the 2nd try.

Joe was very excited.

I was very nervous.

After a long wait. They took me into the operation room. When I got in there I started to panic. And then cry. The nurses where awesome. I became very very overwhelmed. One, I was having surgery and I was awake for it which freaked me out a bit. Two, I was having a baby and that was very overwhelming. Apparently 9 months did not prepare me enough. :)

Anyway, you see what the OR is like in movies and TV but that does not prepare you for the real thing. It is unbelievable bright and cold.

So naked (but a gown) I hop onto the ICE cold table. Which was then raised very high (the anaesthesiologist was very tall). And these two little nurses tried to hold me and my big bell up on this tall table. I had to bend over to get the spinal. And since I was all stressed out I was having contractions or brackston hicks and leaning over thinking I am going to fall but having to be very still for the spinal tap. It was a nightmare.

Anyway as soon as the ST was done. It was immediate. They laid me down. Stripped me. Cut me. And started working. Somewhere during all that Joe came in. He was wonderful he swooped in and keep telling me how good I was doing, how proud he was of me and how much he loved me.

The c-section was the craziest feeling, the doctors digging around. I felt sick a few times but she was finally OUT! They showed her too us and then Joe and the baby were gone. The baby was perfect! Then I was alone.

I began to panic again. The nurse knew it and gave me something which made me loopy and spacey for the next day! Then the doctors went to work on my cyst. After about 45 minutes, with my uterus and other thing outside of me, I was finally sewn up and off to recovery...
With my ovary intact. Dr. Hamilton and Dr. Adebi were AMAZING! I am so grateful I did not lose my ovary.

However, they had to take a little bit of the ovary and the cyst was attached to my fallopian tube and part of my intestine. Because they did stuff to my intestine I was not able to eat for 48 hours. This is me taking my first bite of real food. I order everyting!
All I was allowed to have was ice chips and I could dab my lips with a sponge. So I could not wait to EAT!!!!

And Now for all the information you have all been waiting for....

Marigold was born at 10:41am. Weight 8lb 9oz and 19 inch long.

She scored a 9 on Apgar test. A full head of dark brown hair and blue eyes. And she was unbelievalbe strong. She could hold her own head up.
I got to feed her in the recovery room. The hospital stay was great despite my loopiness and lose of chuncks of time (HAHAHA)!

Thank you to everyone who came and made time go faster sorry if you came when I was spacy - you sure did get entertained I am sure!

Anyway, Marigold is amazing and we are IN LOVE with her! Here is our very first (tired and not so cute) family photo.

To see more pictures as she grows we have a phot website for her on shutterfly
Here is the link:
The password is: marigold

Friday, February 27, 2009

Photos Of Our Little Lady

Here is a great 3D shot.

She is starting to fill out!

Here are
3 3D shots of her:

This is a shot of all the HAIR she has on her head.
It is shot of the top of her head.
All the little fringe is her hair.
The tech said, "oh she is got a lot of hair for 29weeks"
I was not excited at first.
Honestly, I love bald babies but I am sure she will be PERFECT!

Here is a shot of her little leg and foot
You can see all the toes!


And last, here is a shot of her.
To the left is her leg & foot
To the right is her little profile of her face
She is bent over in a pike position.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Clearly I have to update this blog

So much has happened

Okay the cyst
I saw the Gyon/Oncologist Dr. Silver (12/11/08)

He was my “third” option on what to do with the cyst

After an insane visit (see the story below) we decided…
To keep an eye on it for now and continue to monitor it.
If they were to do surgery now and they we not able to save the ovary

I would go into menopause at 28
And they all agreed they will do whatever they can to save the only ovary I have.
The ovary is inside and around the cyst (I know it does not make sense)
But it is not sitting on the ovary

The cyst has ovarian tissue all around it.

That is why this has been a hard decision to make

It is not just… go in, take it out, save ovary and all is well.

So that is the plan as of now.

If I have to have a c-section for whatever reason

They will check out the situation once they are in there

And decide what to do then.

Take it

Drain it

Or just keep monitoring it.

If I go vaginally then they are going just continue to monitor it

However, after birth your uterus contracts down to normal size.
At this point the cyst could decides to twist

Good news is it happens right after birth and I will be in the hospital
Bad news is it is very very painful
So I will get wheeled to the OR and they will do emergency surgery
All in all whatever happens, happens.

And if our little lady is all we get then great!
And if I go into menopause… well let’s just pray that happens in my 40 or 50 like normal.

As long as there is some ovarian tissue it will not happen

But the does not mean I will have eggs for another child

I will be okay with what God hands me… there is a reason for everything.

And it will make me appreciate what I do have even more.


St Luke’s and such a nice hospital

The people are amazing and the hospital looks like a hotel

I was in the cancer area so it was sad but the staff was amazing!

If I ever get cancer I am going there.

Anyway, I go in and like I said everyone was so nice and sweet

The take me back, check my weight and blood pressure

And then the nurse says… “okay everything off from the bottom down.”

I said, “EXCUSE ME! I am 22 weeks pregnant why does he need to do an internal.”

I totally lose my mind!

She says, “well let me check with the doctor and see if it is necessary.”

I am thinking to myself WHY THE HELL WOULD IT BE NECESSARY???

1. I am 22 weeks pregnant
2. My uterus is above my belly button and so is my ovary and cyst
3. There is a MUCUS PLUG so he would not be able to “get in there”

4. So…. what is this man checking? My vaginal canal??

Clearly that has NOTHING to do with a cyst on my ovary.
Now, I know, I am being ridiculous but I have NEVER gone to a man.
I have no desire to have a man down there

Joe is the only man that has ever been there so do you understand my freak attack.

Not to mention that the doctor has an intern with him.

So, the nurse comes back and delivers the bad news… “Yes, he has to”.

I am now in a full on panic.



Freaking out!

Finally after 30 minute the Resident Doc comes in and introduced herself

She asked me about the pregnancy and cyst and all the normal stuff.

I of course address the fact that I am not comfortable with the internal

And ask why he needs to do one

She says to me, “he does this all the time”

And I am like, “NOT worried about his ability worried about a HE down there”
Also, Not sure what he is going to find…

And She says, “he needs to feel around!”

AGAIN I am like WHAT!?

What and HOW is he going to feel the cyst when he can only go so far and my ovary is all the way up by my boobs!?
So she leaves

Now I am pissed that she thinks I am ridiculous, and she talked down too me plus stressed out about this internal with a man.

I am in a FULL ON SWEAT!

Sticking to the table.

Another 30 min goes by.

I have been half naked for an hour now.


Dr Silver and his entourage come in!

Not 1, Not 2, But 3 PEOPLE!

I am like HOLY $*%^!

I have to get in the stirrups for 3 PEOPLE!?

What is this? A peep show.

He sits down looks me in the eyes and sweaty face and say

“Oh! Now that I see you, you are pregnant. We don’t have to do an internal!”

What the F!!!!!!
Are you serious!?

Are you for real!?

I can not believe you people put me through that.

And the dumb resident too.

Clearly I am relived

Then he says, what is the reason you are here!?

Come on. Read my chart.

But I am all stressed and start rambling about insane things

I actually left there feeling like a complete IDIOT!

However, we got down to business about the cyst and all goes well.

He was VERY nice and nurse that was with them was a doll.

She just laughed at me and said you will be fine, you are not insane.

All and all it was a fine visit except for all the stress.

The poor baby was moving all around.


What a fantastic man.

He was so sweet.

And he told me about everything that he was looking at

He said the baby looked fantastic

The placenta and the fluid look perfect

She is in the 49% for her weight and length

And I got a great 3D photo of her

The cyst is 10x7x7

Which means it has not grown or shrunk

He talked to me about different options

Removing it vs watching it

And how it could go away on its own

About delivery

So all in all a wonderful visit.

I just loved him.


Is getting big

I am feeling her all the time.

Last night I felt her little butt with my hand (1/11/09)
It was so little

I saw Dr Adibi today (1/12/09)

He was all business so I was in and out

But I told him I thought I felt her head last night

And he asked me where

I pointed and he was like… there? Felt my belly and goes

The head is here, the arms are here, the legs are here and the butt is here

You felt her butt.

I was so impressed.

All he did was lightly touch my stomach

He listened to her heartbeat but she keep kicking right where the Doppler was

And he is like she is very active

And I said… I KNOW!

When I sit still you can see my stomach just jumping around.

I think we are going to have our hands full.


The shower details are getting worked out.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cyst, More Pics and Yes, It Is A Girl - For Sure!

I went to the Perinatologist.
Which is a High Risk Doctor.

I got a Level II Ultrasound.
Which means they check more things on the baby.
However, I was sent there because of the cyst not the baby.
Joe and I got to see the whole ultrasound on a big screen facing us.

At all the other Ultrasounds we got a glimpse here and there.


Anyway, the tech and Dr Bell were great.
He said the baby looks perfect.
We are now 100% sure it is a girl.

The cyst has not grown but it has not shrunk either.
And the are positive it is not cancerous.
It is just large and filled with liquid.
So... I have three options.

1. Remove it now (go under the knife).
2. Continue monitoring it.
3. Get a second option on it.
Dr Hamilton (my OB/GYN) called me today (11/20/08).

And we all feel - "if it is not broke don't fix it."
So... They are sending me to a Gyno/Oncologist.

DON'T PANIC... there is NO cancer!
They will be able to look more closely at the cyst
And see it in more detail

Which will help us know more about it.

This is just a precautions and there is not reason to be alarmed.

So, at this moment we are monitoring the cyst and the baby is fine.
No surgery at this point.
As far as removing, it if it does not go away on its own,
There is the option of C-Section - removing baby and cyst (my personal favorite)
Or having the baby and monitoring it after.

Where it could then be removed if need be.
However, there is concern about the cyst twisting the ovary.
Which is very, very painful and I would have to have emergency surgery.
And another issue is that your ovary is the size of an almond
And the cyst is 10cm (clearly way bigger than the ovary)

And there is a possibility that the ovary may not be able to be saved.

Which for me would mean - no more babies.

They can not harvest your eggs while you are pregnant

Because they are different during pregnancy (not able to be fertilized)
So... with that being said, we are monitoring and taking it one day at a time.

We would like to do what is best to preserve the only ovary I have.

So, that is that.

No need to worry
Just pray that the cyst goes away
or if it needs to be removed that the ovary stays.
And if that is not the case then a least we were able to have one baby.
So, it will make her even more special.

Like I said the ultrasound was very cool.

And we got to see our little lady in 3D - FOR FREE!
Normally you have to pay to get these photos so... here they are!
Click on them to read my notes and see her more clearly...
(The 3D ones are the last 3)
Note: Be Forewarned there is a little baby porn here.

Here are the 3D photos:

So last night felt the baby moving
I put my hand on my stomach and...
I felt her on the outside!
It was really strange.
I tried to get Joe to feel it but he said he felt nothing!
I want him to feel it to!!!
I guess soon enough I will be ready for it all to be over.
So until than...

When I first wrote this... I was 19 weeks
When I finally posted this... I am 21 weeks and 3 days.
A little over halfway thru! Yikes.

Now I have to go to the High Risk doctor about once a month (Dr. Bell)
My normal monthly check up where I will meet Dr Landes.
AND the Gyno/Oncologist (Dr. Silver)
All my appointments are in the 2nd and 3rd weeks of December.
So, stay tuned!

Monday, November 3, 2008


NOTE: Click on all photos to veiw larger!

The ultrasound tech is 95% sure it's a... GIRL!
So there still is a chance that in 3 weeks or so they could see a wiener.
But she felt pretty positive.

I thought I would be more excited.
But a little piece of me mourns for the boy.
I know that sounds insane.
But I had myself convinced it was a boy.
I liked my ideas for the nursery.
And I was accepting life with a boy.
Thinking about my friends with boys.
And how they could grow up together.

Clearly making all these decision way too soon.

But I was preparing.
And honestly I wanted a girl more than a boy.
So I was trying to gear myself up for a boy.

I think, however, both Joe & I would be great with a girl.
Joe will be an AMAZING dad either way.
And you should see him with our friend's girls.
They all run to him and beg him to play games, and teach them things.
He will be sitting alone at a gathering one minute and
Then all these little girls will be jumping on him
And than he'll have them on a nature hunt gathering butterflies
Or playing a soft ball or something.
It makes me smile every time.
And he was always amazing with his girl cousins.
Personally I think he likes them better. :)
The best part about girls is they can be tom boys.

I am sure Joe will have her...
hiking, fishing, hunting
, learning about nature, playing ball with her and so on.
And when he holds her for the first time it will be love.
I am POSITIVE she will have him wrapped around her finger in no time.

I think I am finally feeling la petite bebe.
Which is very exciting.
And from the last two ultrasounds this bebe is everywhere!
The tech yesterday also made a comment about how active she it.

I love it.
Here are some photos from yesterdays ultrasound.


So not cute.
I feel like a fatty.
And they make you look fatter!

Hollywood has ruin
ed normal sized girls.
Take it from me.
I am a professional in the boob department!

However, I love this picture...
I think it is much more flattering and cutter than the other shots!

Joe was the Joker.
I think he looked great!
He did all the makeup by himself.
And we were late for our party.
But it was AWESOME!
What do you think?

I was a fat cat... LOL
Seriously I was a black cat.
Very original since that is Joe's nickname for me... CAT

Here is a better shot of my short hairs.

17 weeks, 2 days today (11/4/08)

I get to meet Dr Boylan on November 18th
And I am sure I will have a 20week ultrasound.
They were not able to see a few things on this one that they have to have.
Plus they still are monitoring my cyst
And I will have more info on that at this appointment.